School Years

Lower School

To meet the needs of our wide-ranging curriculum, the teachers at Grace Christian School use a broad range of teaching methods and small group instruction with activity centers to practice and reinforce skills.

K4 School Years at Grace Christian School - Ocala, FL

At this level, the goals are that students grow in all areas of development: physical, emotional, social and spiritual. This is why Grace Christian School offers a stimulating and well-balanced environment conducive for learning.

Elementary School

From first to fifth grade at Grace Christian School the curriculum addresses the needs of students in the areas of Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies. The students will be academically challenged and grow socially and spiritually in a Christ centered environment.

We use a variety of methods to reach all of our learners. Whole and group instruction introduces concepts, while activity centers and projects provide practice and reinforcement skills. There is also an emphasis on taking responsibility and developing organizational and communication skills. We also like our Elementary Students to recognize their special God-given talents and to begin to develop them.

Middle School Years at Grace Christian School - Ocala, FL

Middle School

Our students grades 6 through 8 thrive in an atmosphere of high expectations and mutual respect, driven by our committed educators. Learning is active and we expect students to collaborate and develop higher levels of critical thinking skills. Academic expectations of students grow in Middle School but we still emphasize responsibility, organization and communication.

We love students in Middle School to start to enjoy the wonders of science and offer hands-on lab experiments to prepare for the annual science fair. But the arts are not neglected and the curriculum also includes Spanish, Music, Physical Education, Art, IT and of course a thorough grounding in the teachings of Christ.