Student Activities

Enrichment and Clubs

FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes)

Grace Christian School has a chapter of FCA for our Middle School students. The vision for FCA is “to lead kids to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and to help them be a Christian influence in their schools”.

National Junior Honor Society

The NJHS is an organization whose purpose is to recognize and encourage academic achievement while developing other characteristics essential to good citizens. To be eligible for membership a student must have completed the third quarter of his/her 6th, 7th or 8th grade. Candidates must have a cumulative grade point average of 3.50 or above. Students who meet this criterion will then be evaluated in the areas of character, leadership, service, and citizenship. The selection of each member shall be by the majority votes of the faculty council. The faculty council is composed of middle school teachers.

Students who have the required GPA by the end of the first quarter of the academic year will receive a letter notifying them of their pre-eligibility and be invited to meet with the chapter advisor. This notification is not an invitation for membership. At the time of the meeting the student and parent will be notified if there is a problem in one or more of the areas of character, leadership, citizenship, and service. The student will have 16 weeks (end of third quarter) to improve in the area of weakness.

At the end of the third quarter, students who meet the academic criteria and wish to become members of NJHS will complete an application and an essay which addresses the following points: 1) personal leadership 2) character 3) service 4) citizenship and 5) how the student’s membership will benefit the chapter and the school.

Students must return their completed application to be considered for membership to the NJHS Grace Christian School Chapter. Students who choose not to return their application and essays will not be considered for membership. The faculty council will meet to evaluate and discuss the application and essays and will cast their vote. The decision of the faculty council will be final.

Student Council

Homeroom representatives and officers elected from the middle school serve on the Student Council. They coordinate community service projects to benefit the school community.

Little Buddies

Seventh and eighth grade students have “Little Buddies” from the K4 and K5 classes. “Little Buddies” have a scheduled time to meet in addition to special occasions, such as sitting with buddies at Courtyard.

Field Trips

Field trips are scheduled by the classroom teachers at various times throughout the school year. These trips enhance and enrich our curriculum. The fee for school field trips is paid by the parent. We also encourage parents to chaperone for these trips. Siblings of students are not allowed to participate on the field trips.