Why Grace Christian School?

  • 60 years of academic excellence
  • Christ-centered religious education program
  • STEAM approach to learning
  • A diversity of programs to meet individual needs
  • Guided math & reading
  • Fun physical education classes
  • Advanced, integrated technology programs

Award-Winning Fine Arts Program


After School Athletic Program


Spanish Language, K3 - 8th Grade


Advanced, Integrated Technology Program

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Thank you for your interest in learning more about Grace Christian School. Our admission team is eager to share our story with you and your family. Grace provides a depth of opportunities for your child to develop the key principles of our mission: To prepare our children for life, to honor and glorify God, in a Christ-centered environment of academic excellence.

We know that you will have many questions about how Grace can partner with you on your child's educational journey, so please reach out and let us provide the answers. Sincerely yours,

Debbie Bruni,

Director of Admissions

Admissions is Easy! Here’s what we recommend…

Step 1:Give our Director of Admissions, Debbie Bruni, a call! 352-387-3090 Or, by requesting more information HERE

Step 2:Schedule a personal tour of our campus

Step 3:Fill-out our online application by APPLYING HERE
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Step 4:We’ll help you schedule a classroom visitation for your child

Step 5:We’ll review your application along with the required academic documents and notify you of acceptance immediately