Grace Christian School's Differentiated Curriculum

At Grace Christian School we understand that every student is unique in their learning needs. The teacher’s aim is to identify what those needs are and to address them.
At the elementary level this means the teacher giving a core lesson before dividing the class up into learning groups. These groups are flexible and change depending on the need of the student. Students who may have trouble grasping a concept will work in a small group teacher center to get additional help with drill and practice work to reinforce the concept.
Those students that understand the concept after the presentation will be given activities that will help them master the concept. Students that need enrichment will be given activities that will require them to apply the concept or to learn it in more depth.
In Grace Christian School's differentiated classroom, the teacher acts as a mentor in many cases. Students will be doing a combination of individual, small group, and whole group instruction. But students also learn to work cooperatively, sometimes electronically with children in other classes. Hands-on learning as well as research will become common place. Volunteers will help provide small group support.