Fine Arts

At GCS we know how the arts can enrich our students' lives and so we have an extensive program so that everyone gets the chance to explore and develop their creative side. This is why we start with music instruction in K-3 with visual arts being added in kindergarten.

We aim to teach the many different types and techniques of art and encourage students to try different methods for themselves and display their work around the campus. We award this creativity in an annual Ocala Show where our students compete with other schools in the area, and we've had great success over the years with many winning entries.

Our keen young musicians also compete in an annual band festival, where international judges evaluate performances. To date GCS musicians have received some of the highest recognitions.

The dramatic arts are not neglected either and all eighth grade students are involved in the production of our annual play - be they actors, costume and set designers or even helping to write the script. They learn various aspects of drama, from auditions to the excitement of opening night.

Fine Arts Program

As part of our course offerings, all 4th grade students are required to take band. Practices are held during the instructional day. All other students in grades 5-8 may participate in the band program. The band has several performances throughout the year including a Christmas program and a spring fine arts program.
Students in grades 4-8 participate in chorus. Practices are held during the school day.
We have a recorder band at the elementary level. Students will all participate in the recorder band for one year. This group helps to prepare students for playing in our school band.
In spring of the students eighth grade year, all students participate in a major dramatic production. Performances are open to the public and have received much acclaim. Students in other grades will put on other dramatic productions as part of their regular curriculum.
All students take part in our visual arts program during the regular school day and as part of their required curriculum. Students in grades 1-8 attend art classes.